Windsor Candle



We are a small family owned and operated candle company nestled in the mountains of picturesque Windsor, NH. Surrounded by forests and lakes, we use that inspiration to put into every candle we make.


We start the process with a wood wick. We love the crackling sound they give off resembling a campfire. Next we add the fragrance to liven up your home with a scent for every season. Finally we top it off with 100% soy wax and a splash of color. Combining all these together, you have a beautiful crackling candle with little to no black smoke.


Each step of the process is done by hand to create a truly unique candle. Due to the wood wicks slow burning characteristics, it helps our 16 oz candle achieve an approximate 100 hour burn time, while the 8 oz an approximate 50 hour burn time. Plenty of time to fully enjoy our premium fragrances that will bring back warm and happy memories.

Environmentally Friendly




53 Rocky Ledge Rd, Windsor, NH 03244

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